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    Scaffolding Company Iraq

    Scaffolding Company Iraq If you are seeking an effective and affordable scaffolding solution for your construction work you can trust the experts at Scaffolding Iraq. In Iraq, we are establishing ourselves as the top manufacturer and supplier of aluminum and steel scaffoldings, aluminum ladders, formwork and shuttering, and other construction materials like building materials and safety items. We are the top suppliers to the cities like Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Erbil, Abu Ghraib, Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Najaf, Karbala, and Amara in Iraq.

    Scaffolding Company Iraq uses top-quality materials and metals like steel and aluminum for manufacturing its equipment. Each of our solutions is designed to satisfy you and consider your safety first. Our products can be useful for both construction activities as well as personal or commercial use.

    And also, they help you to safely reach the heights on any construction site or commercial site. They are developed with a strong base and tight grip to support heavy loads. We offer considerable savings to Builders and Developers through our coordinated and cost-efficient service.

    You can use our safe, secure, and highly effective scaffolds with full belief and trust because our scaffolding solutions are free from damage and faults. We will always put our needs and ever-changing plans first. With our experienced team, we manage to complete each of our whether short-term or long-term. Our team is always on time with no lack of workmanship and professionalism. Building strong relationships with our clients has truly set us apart. You can rely on us for the best outcomes, every time. For more information contact us.

    Our products have below qualities:


    Aluminum scaffolding are much secure therefore, the risk of slipping down from the roof is reduced and operators would be capable of working without any trouble.


    Portable scaffolding are simply transferable from one area to another. Because there are wheels connected to the bottom of the scaffold it can be transferred with a single push or pull.

    Less Weight

    Many times the scaffold building is constructed of strong yet lightweight materials that include aluminum pipes which aid in maintaining the complete scaffold light in weight.


    Why Scaffolding Iraq?

    Scaffolding Company Iraq takes this chance to introduce itself as the leading organization and major manufacturer and supplier of scaffolding and formwork systems. We are an expert in terms of modern technology, research and development, versatility and applicability, supports-infrastructure, resources, and experience. Most of our solutions are manufactured upon high standards to maintain steadiness. We also have design and engineering departments, manufacturing plants, good marketing, and after-sales services networks spread all over Iraq. Our team supplies an efficient range of scaffolds compared to other organizations in this business.

    They only work with the best materials. We emphasize new and effective innovation, safety, speed of erection, and dismantling of our scaffolding solutions. Scaffolding Iraq is known for its best quality product and services at budgetary pricing. We never compromise on quality and always consider our client safety as the main concern. And, strive on providing honest and reliable customer service to each of our clients. So, if you require high-quality and durable scaffolds to work safely at any height; look no further than Scaffolding Iraq.

    Features of our Scaffolds

    Our scaffolds have the following features:Features of our Scaffolds

    1. They are durable and can be reused after a long period.
    2. They are manufactured with high-quality metals that make them corrosion and rust-free.
    3. It has a strong base and platform to support heavy loads and allows multiple people to work at the same height.
    4. They are rigid and firm to support severe climatic conditions like strong winds, heavy rain, etc.
    5. They are secure for workers to work on height.
    6. They can be used for purposes other than construction like cleaning, repair, and maintenance.
    7. Due to portable scaffoldings, they are movable from one place to another.
    8. They are light in weight which allows lesser people to carry them for its reuse.

    Our values and belief

    We at Scaffolding Iraq have made it our mission to deliver reliable and stable scaffold to commercial and domestic construction sites across Iraq. We keep the highest standards of design technology and modern manufacturing facility. And also, each product of ours goes through strict quality checks complying with high standards and safety regulations. Our team is fully qualified and has decades of experience in this industry. We aim to provide effective and efficient scaffolding that suits the specific site requirements of every customer. No matter the size or the scale of the building, 

    Our vision and reach

    We aim to be one of the large Global Company in the field of Scaffolding and Shuttering equipment. To achieve its goal, we are continuously engaged in providing specialty and competitive products of ours. We supply our products in Iraq, Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Erbil, Abu Ghraib, Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Najaf, Karbala, and Amara. We are focusing on developing our major client base in these cities. Our durable and reliable products are most trusted among other company’s products in all over Iraq. The cities like Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Kirkuk, and many more in Iraq trust us in terms of quality, pricing, and security.

    What we deal with?

    Scaffolding Company Iraq is the best in the trading of its scaffold products in Iraq and its neighboring cities. We are the prominent manufacturer and dealer of Aluminum Scaffoldings, Steel Scaffoldings, and Aluminum Ladders. Also, we are well-known suppliers of Building Material, Formwork and Shuttering, and Safety Items that are useful for every construction work. A large number of construction companies in Iraq and its neighboring cities are satisfied with our products.

    Some of the innovative and highly efficient aluminum scaffolds which have been introduced by us in the Iraq market are Single-Width, Double-Width, Stairway Mobile Cantilever, Aluminum Folding, etc. Our steel scaffoldings are considered ideal for easy and secure construction. Moreover, we supply an exclusive range of aluminum ladders like Triple Section Straight, Two Way, Aluminum Self Supporting Extension, Double Section Straight, Platform, Aluminum Rolling Staircase, Heavy Duty Platform, Heavy Duty Two Way, etc.

    Our Formwork and shuttering include the entire range of conventional equipment such as Spans, Props, Unit Frame and Fittings, etc.

    We Provide scaffolding raq

    We Provide:-

    Standard quality products

    Our products are manufactured and supplied using top quality material. Our team of professional expert never compromise in terms of the quality of material used in the production of each product.

    Flexible and durable products

    Each of our products comes with an easy to assemble and dismantling feature. To clarify that, only two members can easily construct the structure. Because of this property, they are easy to transfer from one site to another.

    Customize product at affordable price

    Our main focus is to satisfy our customers. Our team understands the need of each client and act accordingly. They design effective solutions according to them and their project’s needs and also their budget.  They provide a reasonable price for each product.